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, thanks. >> eric: small army of repairman are on the streets of russia trying to fix windows that were shattered by the sonic boom by a meteor. it blasted through the earth's atmosphere streak go through the sky and causing a flash of light and powerful shock wave that smashed countless windows. more than 4,000 windows were damaged and 200 people were injured. luckily there were know deaths reported. the government says half the windows have been replaced and more than 20,000 people turned out to help as temperatures have hit 12 degrees below zero. >> jamie: let's go to news in afghanistan. president hamid karzai is asking nato forces to carry out air strikes on neighborhood areas. he will issue a decree in response that killed 10 civilians last week. afghan forces have requested the air strike during a joint afghan operation that was targeting tal ban forces in the northeastern part of afghanistan. >> eric: the supreme leader of iran insisting his nation has no intention of developing nuclear weapons but he did add if it did wish to build an atomic bomb he claims the united states wou
, u.s. and russia are putting their heads together to find a way to end the ongoing crisis that is taking place in syria. john kerry speaking with russia's foreign minister on the phone today about the best way to use their respective influence. conner powell is live with more details on this important aspect of this story. >> reporter: rush skha is one of the biggest supporters of the assad regime. and secretary kerry has been trying on reach the foreign minister for some time but they finally spoke and secretary of state john kerry agreed too meet in the future to discuss syria. as they were talking the fighting is intensifying particularly around the town of aleppo. they have stepped up their attacks on syrian air bases including two airports. assad military is also responded by shelling several rebel held areas. as the fighting has intensified the israeli military has confirmed that it has taken in 7 syrians injured. these are the first syrians to be treated in israel to be treated with medical help during this entire civil war. u.n. is making a push to o'up talks betwe
. it's all over a boy living here in the u.s. he came from russia and russia's now demanding that the u.s. return a two-year-old boy adopted by the same texas family as his brother. there were two boys and one of them was found dead at the family home last month under suspicious circumstances. molly line has more from our new york city news room now they want the other little boy back? >> exactly. russian lawmakers and officials are expressing outrage following the january death of the three year old adoptee, demanding the little brother be turned to his homeland. and they were adopted by laura and adam shadow. max died on january 21st, but exactly how remains under investigation pending autopsy results. and the sheriff's office claims they were outside playing when she he discovered max lying unconscious and transferred to a local hospital where he later died. texas child welfare are monitoring this and the younger brother remains with the parents. the reaction in russia are extreme and accusing this mother of murder before tempering the statements. u.s. embassy released a statement, w
a hefty refund. find out how much money the company is getting back. >>> a major clean-up in russia after a meteor blew out thousands of windows and injured 1200 people. could more fire balls be coming our way? we'll ask bill nye, the science guy. and count down to cuts. heated hearings on the hill this week on the impact of the looming mandatory defense cuts. we'll hear from both sides of the aisle will whether there is time to stop sequestration. i'm doug mckelway, america's news headquarters live from the nation's capitol starts right now. >>> it's tax season and while many of us may have to pay up this year, the social media site, facebook, is reportedly getting a ton of cash back from the government. peter doocy live with the details now. peter? >> doug, folks all around the world use facebook for free. but that company still manages to make a lot of money, about $1.1 billion in profit just last year, just here in the united states. they didn't pay any federal income tax or state income tax in 2012. in fact, they'll get a refund of $429 million because of one tax deduction. for execu
russia and the u.s. russia demanding the return of a two-year-old boy, he and his brother were adopted by a texas couple, but the boys' older brother, seen here, was found dead at their home last month under suspicious circumstances. molly line has more from new york city. >> russian lawmakers and officials are expressing some outrage following the january death of his three-year-old russian adoptee in texas, demanding the boy's little brother be returned to his homeland. max shadow and his two-year-old brother christopher were adopted last year by a couple of garden dale. max died on january 21, but exactly how remains under investigation pending occupy results. the sheriff's office said the mother claims the boys were outside in the yard playing unattended when she later discovered max lying unconscious. he was transferred to a local hospital where he later died. texas child welfare authorities are involved here. they're monitoring the family and the younger brother remains at home with his adoptive parents. reaction in russia to the death has been extreme with some russian officials
that devastating meteor strike in russia. crews and volunteers racing to replace thousands of broken windows and distribute would remember warm clothes. at least 200 were injured. shock wave to be as strong as 20 hiroshima bombs. the cost of damage so far around $33 million. >> and the army's top general announcing a possible extension into deployment to afghanistan. army chief of staff says looming defense cuts could limit training replacement brigades. he says the military will be able to fund training and operations through the summer and fall, but there will be delays in training for those deploying into 2014. i'm arthel nevil. get you back now to cavuto on business. >> neil: fasten your seat belts. world's biggest airline is ready for takeoff. american airlines making a $11 billion deal, a headache for you that is going to make four airlines, american, united and delta and southwest that accounts for 90% of all domestic flights. fewer carriers and fewer planes but the same but not more passengers. are you catching the drifted here? >> it's not a good drift. two ceos says nothing is goin
that devastating meteor strike in russia crews racing to replace thousands of windows and volunteers distributing warm clothes. the shock wave where the high temperature barely reached 10 degrees fahrenheit. more than 1200 people injured and dozens of them still in the hospital right now. listen to one teacher describe how she kept her students safe burg the moment of impact. >> i told the students to move from the windows and not long after that, the meteor exploded they were all fine, however, when they got back to their seats, a piece of glass flew above their head. i was standing next to the chair and then being pushed to the door. i fell down and didn't know what happened. >> a very harrowing experience, and the divers are on the scene of an icy lake where the fragments fell creating a six foot hole he. and local fishermen rushed to the scene. >> i suddenly saw a shining spot like a flare light and i thought there were shooting rays nearby, maybe they were shooting, but then, it was too powerful, too bright, and it was growing bigger. in a matter of seconds, just in ten seconds, it grew from
from the united states and russia and germany and france are schedule tod meet with iranian leaders to discuss the sanctions and most people are not optmistic. neither side are particularly offering anything new. >> conor powell. thank you for the update. >> president obama took a step toward gay rights. the justice defendant file would briefs that the defense was marriage act should be struct down . that has social conservative wondering if the president will weigh in on california's controversial proposition 8. peter doocy is standing by with the story. >> the obama administration said they will not defame the defense of marriage act in new york. they think that will law is unconstitutional. defense of marriage act was pass nine 96 and man dates that married couples must be one man and woman if they want to receive benefits. thigh wroit it denies same-sex couples that are legally married an important array of federal benefits to legally married opposite sex couplings. president opposed legalizing gay marriage and publicly shifted before the reelection campaign and last week he sai
? >> in the wake . metor shower that struck russia that injured 1200 people. we are hearing about future threats . the professor for the university of hawaii is looking on a tracking system that will track when and where the metor hits. >> it would position within a mile and happen to a such and such a time. >> the project got five million in funding from nasa. in the end of the day. it is the president's decision and i can't believe one democratic colleague is not upset enough to speak out. >> stiantor graham called hagel a radical choice and in an exclusive interview with chris wallace, graham made the case for putting the brakes on. >> nomination of former senator chuck hagel is on hold. do you think he will succeed when we get back from tha brake? >> it is it interesting, we talked about with several people on the i thought so in the beginning of the show and not so sure by the end of the show. lindsay graham is leading the charge and holding upment nomination and he got something moments before going on the air. there a blog report that hagel had said that the state department, that the u.s
the rebel forces in sirria. what could russia accomplish in this? >> unfortunately, not mush. unfortunately, we are not accomplishing much in put approximating pressure on assad to go down. we had the opportunity in 2011, remember, we were in iraq. the regime was surround from the north 30 from the south, jordan and from the east, iscprak from the mediterranean sea. once we left, we have less possibility to pressure him. the russians have less possibility because they cannot offer the fall of assad. i think we are for a long-range struggle in syria. >> jamie: we will be talking about it again then. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> eric: president obama says it's washington's fault, the latest explanation for the sluggish u.s. economic recovery. and it has been tough going. let's take a look at the unemployment rate when mr. obama took office, it was 7.8%. right now, it's just ticked up a bit, 7.9%. the percentage of american who is are not working as much as they would like to, in 2009, that was 14.2%. today, up just a hair, 14.4%, the president claims the capitol is dysf
down. 1200 people were injured in the incident in russia and 40 remain in serious condition. illegal immigrants would be allowed to obtain green card in the eight years. the white house said the official bill not finalized. we'll talk about fall out over the president's healthcare overhaul. they are reject being a key component of the legislation. that requires an on line market place for anyone who buys leaving it up to the federal government to pay for it there funds are rung low and certain people may be lelth without healthcare. former president of the women's media center and fox news contributor is jowning me now. >> great to see you. >> thank you. >> and there seems to be kinks at this point, matt, why are the governors against it? >> i think it is part policy and part is politics president obama put together his healthcare plan as we refer to it as obama care. he did that with democratic votes . that started the process. we watched the presidential election that red stateses are turning red and blew states are blewer. you are seeing mostly red states deciding they want no par
, clean-up of another sort underway in russia that. is where a massive relief effort is continuing following that shocking and devastating and thankfully rare meteor strike that happened in this country. you see that video of that thing streak across the sky? crews are replacing many of the thousands of broken windows. volunteers are distributing warm clothes to the people. 4,000 work -- 24,000 workers deployed to help out. the shock wave damaged buildings all across the region. the high temperature barely reaches 10 degrees fahrenheit. more than 1200 people were injured and dozens still in the hospital right now. take a look at that streaking across the sky. one teacher said she -- she did her best to keep her students safe during moment of impact. >> i told the students to move from the windows and not long after that, the meteor exploded. they were all fine. however, when they got back to their seats, a piece of glass flew above their head. i was standing next to the chair, then being pushed to the door. i fell down and didn't know what happened. >> some chunks created this hole
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)

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